Make More Money from Your Marijuana!

Provide a safer, healthier, more convenient alternative to smoking.


Kind Kandy

Dispensary Grade Kind Kandy

People are willing to pay more for high quality gourmet edible candies which means you will increase your profits substantially while helping to keep your customers safer!

Learn how to make dispensary grade gourmet cannabis hard candies with my very detailed, easy to use, step by step recipe eBook with pictures.

Give your customers an alternative to carrying around marijuana by providing them with great tasting, very potent, discreet candies that are safer than buds to possess and consume.

Make 1.5 Pounds of Kandy Using Only a 1/4 Ounce!

The convenience of candy is unparalleled. There are no strong smells, an infinite number of flavors, a long shelf life, no paraphernalia, you can eat them in public, they’re a great high, and can be any shape you want!

Get High on Just One Piece of Kandy!

Mastering hard candy using tincture was no easy task. It took hundreds of tests and hours to accomplish Kind Kandy Mastery. However, my eBook makes it simple! Figuring out the steps was the hard part.

My eBook Includes the Following:

  • Very Detailed Step by Step Guide with Pictures!
  • Trick for Getting Rid of Red Eye Once & For All!
  • Consistent Recipe Updates!
  • Instant Download!

Do your customers a favor and start making Kind Kandy today!

Only $9.95 for Limited Time

Download Kind Kandy Mastery

All proceeds go to mastering new recipes, hosting, domain fees, and my overall mission to make the world a better place.

You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses

Bonus #1: Get Rid of Red Eye Forever - Learn how to get rid of red eye once and for all with one simple trick!

Bonus #2: My Intelligent Guide to Vaping – For those of you that smoke cigarettes I have included a guide to vaping because trust me, if you have the right gear and eJuice then it’s really easy to quit smoking just like I did.

Some smoke shops sell bad products and it’s no wonder that some people try vaping and then abandon it because they were given a bad first impression by a shop owner that didn’t do proper research.

Smoking vegetable glycerin, which is the harmless stuff that they use in fog machines at concerts and other public events is infinitely better than smoking tar that’s loaded with thousands of deadly chemicals. Vaping is a lot better than smoking! Enough said.

Only $9.95 for Limited Time

Download Kind Kandy Mastery

I will never disclose any info about anyone for any reason, ever! Thank you for your support!

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